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Lifter's Name Giveney How Gender F
Club Olympifit State WA
Coach Bob Pavone
Age Group Senior Weightlifting Age 25 (Born 1998)

Personal Bests


Competition History

GP #3 + Junior Shield #2 QE U15/Youth & Junior49.2530407026/08/2012112.214UNGRADED
GP #4 and 2012 Prize Giving 51.05(+10) 40(+11) 51(+21) 912/12/2012141.528K
WWA State League 1 / Jr Shield 151.10(+5) 45(+4) 55(+9) 10024/02/2013155.398J
Australian Club Championships51.1045539824/03/2013152.290J
WWA U15, Youth, Jun, Sen and Masters Champs52.10(+3) 48(+2) 57(+5) 10526/05/2013160.591I
National & Oceania Senior/Junior/Youth51.25485510311/07/2013159.673J
WWA State League 3 and Junior Shield 252.6045601051/09/2013159.353I
State Junior/Senior/Masters Championships52.25(+2) 50(+1) 61(+6) 11128/09/2014165.290I
Jack Walls Classic54.50(+3) 53(+4) 65(+7) 11816/11/2014174.117H
Assassin Club Competition 153.0050621128/04/2015168.945I
WWA State U15 & Youth Championships54.1050409019/04/2015133.568K
AWF U15/U17 Championships52.25486010820/06/2015164.794I
WWA State Open54.40486411211/10/2015165.500I
Premier Cup (Invitational) & WWA U13 Development Club55.65456410929/11/2015158.269I

Competition Attempts

GP #3 + Junior Shield #2 QE U15/Youth & Junior49.2530353535404630407026/08/2012
GP #4 and 2012 Prize Giving 51.053537404548514051912/12/2012
WWA State League 1 / Jr Shield 151.10404548505555455510024/02/2013
Australian Club Championships51.1043454753565645539824/03/2013
WWA U15, Youth, Jun, Sen and Masters Champs52.10434548545457485710526/05/2013
National & Oceania Senior/Junior/Youth51.25454851555560485510311/07/2013
WWA State League 3 and Junior Shield 252.6045455055586045601051/09/2013
State Junior/Senior/Masters Championships52.25455050556166506111128/09/2014
Jack Walls Classic54.50485153606565536511816/11/2014
Assassin Club Competition 153.0040455052586250621128/04/2015
WWA State U15 & Youth Championships54.104550544050409019/04/2015
AWF U15/U17 Championships52.25404548505560486010820/06/2015
WWA State Open54.40454851556064486411211/10/2015
Premier Cup (Invitational) & WWA U13 Development Club55.65455050556064456410929/11/2015

Percent Successful Lifts

Number EventsSNCJBoth
State Events1174%82%77%
Higher Events (National/International)367%56%61%
All Events (Overall)1469%78%73%

Average First Attempts Compared to PB

When Successful-5kg - 11 events-7kg - 11 events
When missed-2kg - 2 events-1kg - 2 events

History of Records Broken

LiftRecordBwtLevelAge GroupDateRecord Status
SNATCH48F53AWFUnder 1526/May/2013Broken by Sabah Chamoun
SNATCH48F53WAJunior26/May/2013Broken by Giveney How
SNATCH48F53WAUnder 1526/May/2013Current Record
SNATCH48F53WAYouth26/May/2013Broken by Giveney How
TOTAL105F53AWFUnder 1526/May/2013Broken by Charrae Myers
SNATCH50F53WAJunior28/Sep/2014Current Record
SNATCH50F53WAYouth28/Sep/2014Current Record
TOTAL111F53WAJunior28/Sep/2014Broken by Giveney How
TOTAL111F53WAYouth28/Sep/2014Broken by Giveney How
SNATCH53F58WAYouth16/Nov/2014Current Record
TOTAL112F53WAJunior08/Apr/2015Current Record
TOTAL112F53WAYouth08/Apr/2015Current Record
CJ40F58WAU2319/Apr/2015Current Record
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