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Lifter's Name Ramona Faamausili-Fala Gender F
Club Grizzly's Weightlifting Club State WA
Coach Tauvale Fala
Age Group Under 15 Weightlifting Age 13 (Born 2009)

Personal Bests


Competition History

Australian Under 15 & Youth Championships39.002328518/07/201796.693UNGRADED
Grizzly’s #139.50(+1) 24(+2) 30(+3) 5420/08/2017101.177UNGRADED
Grizzly’s #241.10(+1) 25(+0) 30(+1) 5510/11/201799.390UNGRADED
WWA Open Competition / End of Year Function42.152531(+1) 563/12/201798.953UNGRADED
Grizzly’s #140.802535(+4) 603/03/2018109.142UNGRADED
State U15/U17 & WWA Open45.25(+1) 26(+0) 35(+1) 616/05/2018101.434UNGRADED
Grizzly’s #247.70(+4) 30(+3) 38(+7) 6824/11/2018108.324UNGRADED
WWA Junior, U23 & Masters States and July Open69.70(+24) 54(+30) 68(+54) 12210/07/2022150.905I

Competition Attempts

Australian Under 15 & Youth Championships39.002122232426282328518/07/2017
Grizzly’s #139.5015202420253024305420/08/2017
Grizzly’s #241.1022252725303025305510/11/2017
WWA Open Competition / End of Year Function42.152023252831312531563/12/2017
Grizzly’s #140.802225283033352535603/03/2018
State U15/U17 & WWA Open45.252326283035382635616/05/2018
Grizzly’s #247.7025283035384030386824/11/2018
WWA Junior, U23 & Masters States and July Open69.70505456646872546812210/07/2022

Percent Successful Lifts

Number EventsSNCJBoth
State Events784%71%79%
Higher Events (National/International)1100%100%100%
All Events (Overall)883%79%81%

Average First Attempts Compared to PB

When Successful0kg - 7 events0kg - 7 events
When missed0kg - 0 events0kg - 0 events

History of Records Broken

LiftRecordBwtLevelAge GroupDateRecord Status
CJ38F49WAJunior24/Nov/2018Broken by Gabrielle Mclean
CJ38F49WASenior24/Nov/2018Broken by Zoe Stolton
CJ38F49WAU2324/Nov/2018Broken by Gabrielle Mclean
CJ38F49WAUnder 1524/Nov/2018Broken by Gabrielle Mclean
CJ38F49WAYouth24/Nov/2018Broken by Gabrielle Mclean
SNATCH30F49WAJunior24/Nov/2018Broken by Gabrielle Mclean
SNATCH30F49WASenior24/Nov/2018Broken by Zoe Stolton
SNATCH30F49WAU2324/Nov/2018Broken by Gabrielle Mclean
SNATCH30F49WAUnder 1524/Nov/2018Broken by Gabrielle Mclean
SNATCH30F49WAYouth24/Nov/2018Broken by Gabrielle Mclean
TOTAL68F49WAJunior24/Nov/2018Broken by Gabrielle Mclean
TOTAL68F49WASenior24/Nov/2018Broken by Zoe Stolton
TOTAL68F49WAU2324/Nov/2018Broken by Gabrielle Mclean
TOTAL68F49WAUnder 1524/Nov/2018Broken by Gabrielle Mclean
TOTAL68F49WAYouth24/Nov/2018Broken by Gabrielle Mclean
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