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Lifter's Name Daniel Moss Gender M
Club CFC Barbell Club State WA
Coach Jason Walker
Age Group Mast 45-49 Weightlifting Age 49 (Born 1974)

Personal Bests


Competition History

WWA Open98.207010017015/12/2019189.790K
WWA State Junior/U23/Masters Championships + Open Competition100.60(+5) 75(+5) 105(+10) 18015/03/2020199.159J
WWA End of Year Open Competition & Awards100.20(+5) 80(+5) 110(+10) 19014/12/2020210.530J
WWA State Masters & Open100.30(+1) 81(+-5) 10518623/05/2021213.048J
Australian, Oceania & Commonwealth Masters Championships101.508010018011/09/2021205.175J
WA End of Year Open, School Sports & Awards101.85(+2) 83(+-2) 108(+1) 19112/12/2021217.410J
Rev Barbell Comp101.90801001809/04/2022204.849J
WWA Junior, U23 & Masters States and July Open101.80751021779/07/2022201.515J
Australian & Oceania Masters Championships100.558210518710/09/2022213.973J
WWA Masters + Open Championships101.657010517528/04/2023199.357K
GWC Masters Classic and Youth Cup105.80751061817/10/2023202.982J

Competition Attempts

WWA Open98.2065707381931007010017015/12/2019
WWA State Junior/U23/Masters Championships + Open Competition100.60707575901011057510518015/03/2020
WWA End of Year Open Competition & Awards100.207676801001061108011019014/12/2020
WWA State Masters & Open100.307580811001051108110518623/05/2021
Australian, Oceania & Commonwealth Masters Championships101.507580851001101108010018011/09/2021
WA End of Year Open, School Sports & Awards101.858080831031081118310819112/12/2021
Rev Barbell Comp101.907580849095100801001809/04/2022
WWA Junior, U23 & Masters States and July Open101.807075809096102751021779/07/2022
Australian & Oceania Masters Championships100.55758082961021058210518710/09/2022
WWA Masters + Open Championships101.65707578951011057010517528/04/2023
GWC Masters Classic and Youth Cup105.8070707595100106751061817/10/2023

Percent Successful Lifts

Number EventsSNCJBoth
State Events968%90%76%
Higher Events (National/International)267%50%58%
All Events (Overall)1161%85%73%

Average First Attempts Compared to PB

When Successful-7kg - 7 events-12kg - 10 events
When missed-4kg - 3 events0kg - 0 events

History of Records Broken

LiftRecordBwtLevelAge GroupDateRecord Status
CJ100M102WAMast 45-4915/Dec/2019Broken by Daniel Moss
SNATCH70M102WAMast 45-4915/Dec/2019Broken by Daniel Moss
TOTAL170M102WAMast 45-4915/Dec/2019Broken by Daniel Moss
CJ105M102WAMast 45-4915/Mar/2020Broken by Daniel Moss
SNATCH75M102WAMast 45-4915/Mar/2020Broken by Daniel Moss
TOTAL180M102WAMast 45-4915/Mar/2020Broken by Daniel Moss
CJ110M102WAMast 45-4914/Dec/2020Current Record
SNATCH80M102WAMast 45-4914/Dec/2020Broken by Daniel Moss
TOTAL190M102WAMast 45-4914/Dec/2020Broken by Daniel Moss
SNATCH81M102WAMast 45-4923/May/2021Broken by Daniel Moss
SNATCH83M102WAMast 45-4912/Dec/2021Current Record
TOTAL191M102WAMast 45-4912/Dec/2021Current Record
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