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Council, 2018 - 2022

 President - Andrew Saxton

Andy has  been involved in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting as a lifter or coach for over 40 years.  He was British Champion at every level from schoolboy through to senior on multiple occasions.  Andy represented Great Britain at multiple World Junior and Senior Championships.  He also represented Great Britain at two Olympic Games (Seoul 1988 and Barcelona 1992)  He represented England at the 1986 Edinburgh Commonwealth Games winning a bronze at just19 years of age!  In 1990 he competed for England in Auckland winning 3 Gold medals.  In 1994 Andy represented Australia at the Commonwealth Games in Canada winning 3 silver medals.

Andy has coached lifters at all levels from state/divisional level right through to European, Commonwealth, World and Olympic level.  Andy has also coached at international events for Great Britain.  Andy currently is the head coach at OX Weightlifting Club in Perth, WA.  Andy holds an NCAS 3 Coaching accreditation.

When not coaching weightlifting or running strength and conditioning sessions for cricketers and other sportsmen & women, Andy works full time as a chaplain at a local high school.

 Vice President - Lucy LaCunza

I have been involved with weightlifting for over 6 years. 

My children took up the sport after I introduced them to CrossFit, they both seemed to enjoy the challenge of Olympic Weightlifting instead and I have supported them both with their decision. 

I have an extensive history in the fitness industry with over 20 years as a trainer and lecturer.  I am glad to see the increasing popularity/demand for this beautiful sport and I am also very proud to be a part of it in my own way. 

I have a nursing background and currently work for St John Ambulance. 


  Honorary Secretary - Jay Saxton

Jay was introduced to weightlifting over 30 years ago.   As an athlete Jay was British and Australian Champion multiple times, competing for Australia at three World Championships (1993, 1994, 1999) and for Great Britain once in Thailand in 1997.   Jay also had the privilege of competing for Australia and Great Britain in multiple European, European Union, Oceania and Commonwealth Championships during her career.  Jay was the reserve for the Sydney 2000 Olympics.  Jay helps with the programming and coaching of lifters and athletes at OX Weightlifting Club. 

Jay is currently the High Performance Manager for WA and South Australia, holds an NCAS 2 Coaching accredirtation and National level referee status.

Jay holds a degree in computer science and a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education.  She currently teaches ICT at a local primary school.

 Honorary Treasurer - Marie Dawson


   Council Members.

Ordinary Council Member #1. Paul Falconer

I’m still new at this sport, started weight lifting in 2014 and came from a running background.

I also participated in kayaking, cycling, obstacle racing and boxing

I held committee positions with the Rockingham triathlon club, the Rockingham hash house running club

Helped organise running events, triathlons and cycle races and helped coach in boxing

My aim with the committee is to move the sport forward, run the organisation in a professional manner and improve facilities and training technique for the members


Ordinary Council Member #2. 
Nick Pezzaniti



Ordinary Council Member #3. Monica Cook

Represented Australia 5 times ( 1999, 2002,  2005,2009,2017)in World Masters Games, Weightlifting. 

Podium finish all five times.

Representing W.A in in Powerlifting at National, State level.

Have been involved in “the Iron Game” for the last 26 years.


Ordinary Council Member #4. Matt Helstrip

I started weightlifting in May 2014 in the UK after being introduced to the sport by a friend. I used to play rugby union but injured both my rotator cuffs so olympics weightlifting seemed like a logically choice if sport to take up.
I was originally self taught from watching videos on the internet and then I found a local coach for a couple of months. When I moved to the London area I started training at a club called Europa Weightlifting club, where my passion for the sport grew immensely.
Since moving to Australia I have competed at state level several times and have qualified for nationals but have never been able to make the trip over.
I wanted to join the weightlifting council to give active weightlifters a voice on the council, to ensure that what really matters to the athletes is heard and taken on board. 
My aim is to help make weightlifting and travel for athletes more affordable and to provide opportunity for athletes to be rewarded for all the hours they put into their training.




Ordinary Council Member #5. Thomas Smith



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