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Lifter's Name Jett Hoover Gender M
Club Chasing Better Barbell Club State WA
Coach George Winston
Age Group Youth Weightlifting Age 16 (Born 2005)

Personal Bests


Competition History

WWA Open Competition / End of Year Function66.102030503/12/201768.268UNGRADED
Oly4Kids #167.1020305018/02/201867.622UNGRADED
Oly 4 Kids74.85(+15) 35(+10) 40(+25) 7517/04/201995.074UNGRADED
WWA State Junior, U/23 Championships & Open74.103550(+10) 853/06/2019108.360UNGRADED
Oly 4 Kids75.05(+7) 42(+5) 55(+12) 9721/07/2019122.780UNGRADED
WWA State U15/U17 Championships & Open74.90(+3) 45(+-1) 54(+2) 9928/07/2019125.451UNGRADED
WWA State Seniors & School Sport76.70(+1) 46(+3) 58(+5) 10425/08/2019130.081UNGRADED
Australian U15 & U17 Championships77.20465510129/09/2019125.888UNGRADED
WWA Open77.65(+1) 47(+7) 65(+8) 11215/12/2019139.166UNGRADED
Wolfpack78.00(+3) 50(+-8) 5710719/01/2020132.635UNGRADED
WWA Under 15 & Youth Championships + July Open Competition79.65(+5) 55(+2) 67(+10) 12219/07/2020149.583UNGRADED
WWA Senior Championships + August Open Competition84.10(+5) 60(+1) 68(+6) 12816/08/2020152.746UNGRADED
AWF Online Cup83.706080(+12) 1405/11/2020167.450UNGRADED
WWA End of Year Open Competition & Awards84.60(+1) 61(+-2) 7813914/12/2020165.403UNGRADED
AWF Under 23 & Junior Championships and Open Competition87.50(+11) 72(+20) 100(+32) 17221/03/2021201.484J

Competition Attempts

WWA Open Competition / End of Year Function66.101819202830352030503/12/2017
Oly4Kids #167.1015182020253020305018/02/2018
Oly 4 Kids74.8525303535404535407517/04/2019
WWA State Junior, U/23 Championships & Open74.103030354550553550853/06/2019
Oly 4 Kids75.0535404250555542559721/07/2019
WWA State U15/U17 Championships & Open74.9037404551545745549928/07/2019
WWA State Seniors & School Sport76.70404346535658465810425/08/2019
Australian U15 & U17 Championships77.20374046475560465510129/09/2019
WWA Open77.65404347556065476511215/12/2019
WWA Under 15 & Youth Championships + July Open Competition79.65485255626567556712219/07/2020
WWA Senior Championships + August Open Competition84.10555860687375606812816/08/2020
AWF Online Cup83.7053606373808060801405/11/2020
WWA End of Year Open Competition & Awards84.60576161757878617813914/12/2020
AWF Under 23 & Junior Championships and Open Competition87.5065697290951007210017221/03/2021

Percent Successful Lifts

Number EventsSNCJBoth
State Events1392%70%83%
Higher Events (National/International)283%67%75%
All Events (Overall)1593%71%82%

Average First Attempts Compared to PB

When Successful-2kg - 13 events0kg - 12 events
When missed-5kg - 1 events-5kg - 2 events

History of Records Broken

LiftRecordBwtLevelAge GroupDateRecord Status
SNATCH42M81WAUnder 1521/Jul/2019Broken by Jett Hoover
CJ55M81WAUnder 1521/Jul/2019Broken by Jett Hoover
TOTAL97M81WAUnder 1521/Jul/2019Broken by Jett Hoover
TOTAL99M81WAUnder 1528/Jul/2019Broken by Jett Hoover
SNATCH45M81WAUnder 1528/Jul/2019Broken by Jett Hoover
SNATCH46M81WAUnder 1525/Aug/2019Broken by Jett Hoover
TOTAL104M81WAUnder 1525/Aug/2019Broken by Jett Hoover
CJ58M81WAUnder 1525/Aug/2019Broken by Jett Hoover
CJ65M81WAUnder 1515/Dec/2019Broken by Jett Hoover
TOTAL112M81WAUnder 1515/Dec/2019Broken by Jett Hoover
SNATCH47M81WAUnder 1515/Dec/2019Broken by Jett Hoover
SNATCH50M81WAUnder 1519/Jan/2020Broken by Jett Hoover
SNATCH55M81WAUnder 1519/Jul/2020Broken by Conor Blycha
TOTAL122M81WAUnder 1519/Jul/2020Broken by Conor Blycha
CJ67M81WAUnder 1519/Jul/2020Broken by Conor Blycha
CJ68M89WAUnder 1516/Aug/2020Broken by Jett Hoover
TOTAL128M89WAUnder 1516/Aug/2020Broken by Jett Hoover
SNATCH60M89WAUnder 1516/Aug/2020Broken by Jett Hoover
SNATCH61M89WAUnder 1514/Dec/2020Broken by Adam Mcwhinnie
TOTAL139M89WAUnder 1514/Dec/2020Broken by Adam Mcwhinnie
CJ78M89WAUnder 1514/Dec/2020Broken by Adam Mcwhinnie
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